Land + farm Project References

Ziegental, Judetul Sibiu 3.500 ha pasture land and 500 ha arable land. 4.000 milk sheep and dairy for feta cheese production.
operation and land certified organic 
Horia, Judetul Arad 1.300 ha farmland,  organic certified, 0,8 ha farmsite with office and mashine shed.
Giulvaz, Judetul Timisoara 4.000 ha farmland, 1,7 ha farmsite with office, machine shed and storage facilities 
Boarta, Judetul Sibiu400 ha finest arable land, very suitable for potatoe seed production, farm site with storage facility

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land project references

Uivar, Judetul Timisoara
1.400 ha finest arable land, well compacted and leased out

Foeni, Judetul Timisoara
600 ha farm land, well compacted and leased out

Sümeg,  Hungary
1.000ha farm land, partly compacted and leased out

consulting references

Organic citrus fruit juice production in CubaCoaching cuban partner and marketing of organic citrus fruit juices in Europe

Palm oil  production in Liberia, Thailand and Columbia

-Assessment of palm oil production in Liberia for Equatorial Palm Oil, UK
-Project plan and implementation of sutainable smallholder based oil palm  production in Thailand for GIZ, Germany.
-Evaluation of palm oil project proposal in Columbia for Oerig AG, Switzerland