Buy land,
they´ re

Mark Twain


Purchase of small parcelsDue to the history, agricultural land in Romania is divided in small and smallest parcels. To collect them piece by piece, structure them by compacting and swapping and finally developing a suitable size for economical farming needs careful attention and a strong network on place. This pays off  perfectly  for the sustainable investor. To provide that network is one of our main tasks.

You can find details of that task in the business model 1 see below

Big farming unitsAfter more than 10 years of land restructuring, there are already well developed farming units in operation. Through our recognized network  we have direct access to many sizeable farms coming to the market for various reasons.  For investors interested, we perform according evaluations, assist  in negotiation and transaction and finally  offer ongoing management. These units are worthwile to compact and increase by suplemental purchase of small parcels.

This investment  structure is reflected in the business model 2 see below

Combination with renewable energiesAs renewable energies are always based on land, it is obvious and logical to stronly link the two parts together in order to create efficient synergies. Here we can provide the entire chain from the land to approved energy projects.

Business model 1

Purchase of small parcels from original owner

Business model 2

Purchase of big units in combination with suplemental purchase of small parcels